Your AI powered diary

Discover the ultimate personal diary experience with Effortlessly record every detail of your day, such as nutrition, workouts, hobbies or health and let our advanced AI transform your anecdotes into actionable insights.Start making informed decisions towards a happier, healthier life today!

- Free Forever plan available
- No Credit Card required
- Your data is safe (GDPR compliant)

It's like magic

"I just ate a small portion of mushroom risotto"

"Got it. I will add it to your nutrition table. I've estimated that it should be between 200 and 400 calories, so I went with 300"

1 Talk about your day

Using either voice recognition or text, just say what you ate, your activities or anything else you feel is relevant

2 The AI take notes

It will create entries for everything you said, extracting metrics like calories from mere descriptions.

3 Get Insights

Track your life through charts, or get advice from one of the AI coaches with different skillset and personalities.No more guessing, this is science.

Your data is safe

ChartMyLife is hosted in Europe and follows the strictest privacy law in the world, the GDPR. Access or delete your data at any point. Analytics are "opt-in" only.
Microphone permissions are per session and the app cannot record in the background.

On all your devices

Install it on your Android or iOS device, or use the web app. Either way, you'll get the same stellar experience everywhere

In constant evolution

New features are coming weekly and we're super responsive to any issue reported. In fact, you can leave us a feedback straight from the app using the same amazing voice recognition technology

Free forever plan available

Everything free during our Beta

All features available, no payment card required.
Here is what we have in mind for the future though:




Unlimited trackers and entries
Voice Recognition

No metric estimation (calories, proteins)
No AI Coach
Powered by GPT-3.5



(when paid yearly)

Everything in Free
+ Powered by GPT-4
+ AI will estimate metrics for you
+ AI Coach

AI Coach limited to one review per week



(when paid yearly)

Everything in Standard
+ Ulimited AI Coach reviews
+ Ask questions to the AI coach
+ New features in advance

For influencers and coaches

Make money with our generous affiliate program or white label solutions.Including a free AI Coach made to your appearance and philosophy, only available for your users.

So what are you waiting for?

Improve your life with a better nutrition, insights on your health and get a clear view of your productivity. All available today with

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